Home and Office Automation And Smart Security System

Our smart security solutions and automation systems makes it easier to access and control home and office equipment with a click of a button or via commands. At Senot Technology we make life easier by providing you with systems that help you (remotely) control smart devices such as Air-conditioners, Television, refrigerators and lightning system

We also have in stock smart locks, smart cameras, smart doorbells and smart smoke alarms.

Here’s how each of these home automation devices can work with your home security system.

Example of such devices are your Air-condition, Television, refrigerator, lightning system and more. With this, you can use your phone to either on or off your television, air condition, light or any device controlled by a remote. Senot technology is capable of making this possible.

Smart security system makes life very simple for you. Some of the smart security systems include smart locks, smart cameras, smart doorbells, Smart lights, and smart smoke alarms.

Here’s how each of these home automation devices can work with your home security system.


Smart locks are great not only for security but also for convenience, often allowing you to forego keys entirely. What makes them smart is their ability to communicate with your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere.

Many also automatically lock and unlock when they detect your phone approaching so that you can come and go without ever having to worry about whether the door is locked.

There are a couple of different styles of smart locks you can choose from. The first is more traditional, with a number pad or touchscreen where you input a code that unlocks your door.

The second type forgoes the keypad and screen entirely and instead relies on an app on your smartphone to handle the locking and unlocking duties.

One last thing to be aware of when choosing a smart lock is whether or not it can also accept keys. Some people feel better knowing they have this option, but not all smart locks provide a traditional key slot. Did you know that you can monitor who goes into your cabinet or drawer at home or at the office?

Senot Technology is the answer.


One of the most common and security-focused components of a smart security system are smart doorbell cameras. These incorporate a small camera in the doorbell button. When someone rings the bell or approaches the door, depending on the system, the doorbell sends an alert to your phone and activates the camera, letting you to see a clear picture of who’s there, no matter where you happen to be.

Doorbell cameras are very useful; it gives you an indication or a view of who is knocking at your door. Helping you to make a judgment on whether you would want the person into your home or office or not.

These are features you’ll want to look for in a video doorbell. High-resolution video, Motion sensing, Two-way audio and Senot Technology are your sure bet.


These cameras incorporate Wi-Fi connections that allow them to be viewed and controlled remotely using a smartphone app. Many can also upload the footage to the Cloud for storage, eliminating the need for a potentially complicated on-site storage setup.

There are a lot of options in this space. Choosing one starts with knowing whether you want indoor or outdoor cameras. The main difference is construction: Outdoor cameras need to survive the elements, which usually means they are bulkier and made from tougher materials like metal. Indoor cameras can be smaller and more discreet, because they aren’t as likely to get beaten up or tampered with.

In either case, features you’ll want to look for include high resolution, a wide field of view, motion detection, and audio recording. Normally we would include Wi-Fi connectivity as an essential feature, but because we’re talking about smart cameras, Wi-Fi is a necessity and Senot Technology can provide that.


Smart lighting combines convenience and enhanced security. These are Wi-Fi enabled LED light bulbs that can be controlled from a smartphone app; they can also be controlled by voice command via Echo dot (Alexa) and google Assistant.

You can turn the bulbs on or off, either manually or on a schedule, dim the bulbs, and choose their color from a seemingly endless array of hues.

And all this can be done from anywhere. You don’t need to worry about whether you remembered to leave a light on before heading out on vacation. They can seem a little expensive for light bulbs, but keep in mind that they’re LED bulbs, so they last much longer than conventional incandescent bulbs.

Senot Technology can deliver to you, a smart light that can last for years and give you value for money.


With the motion sensors ,it detects any human activity and trigger the alarm system, not only does it trigger the alarm system ;but also sends you notification no matter your location.

It triggers the alarm when your door or window opens and then gives you notification on your phone. We can also install sensors in your drawer which will allow you to monitor anyone who enters your drawer.