Repair of computer hardware & software issues

The world is now in a computer era, were everything we do now is computerized. Senot Technology is an expert when it comes to all computer related problems, whether software or hardware. For all your computer issues, Senot Technology is your solution.

Home and Office Automation And Smart Security System

Our smart security solutions and automation systems makes it easier to access and control home and office equipment with a click of a button or via commands. At Senot Technology we make life easier by providing you with systems that help you (remotely) control smart devices such as Air-conditioners, Television, refrigerators and lightning system

We also have in stock smart locks, smart cameras, smart doorbells and smart smoke alarms.

Here’s how each of these home automation devices can work with your home security system.


Wireless technology is the easiest way to get internet connectivity but it is not as reliable as the network cabling ,so to get a reliable,secured and safer internet connectivity,it is better to get full networking installation for your offices and homes. Contact Senot technology and trading for your voice and data cabling,patching of ethernet cables for your laptops ,surveillance cameras etc.We also supply quality networking materials and devices.

Networking Services

CCTV Camera Installation

Get full surveillance of your home ,office and most importantly your warehouse anywhere in the world,It is important to spend a little to protect your assets.
f you need monitoring on your site 24/7 to protect your staff and premises from theft, vandalism, staff movement monitoring and process monitoring,contact Senot Technology and Trading for the best surveillnace system .


Most people discard their Xbox or play station controllers because the pads are no longer functional. With Senot Technology, you don’t need to throw your Xbox or PlayStation controllers away, it can be fixed.

Senot Technology is an expert in fixing either Xbox or PlayStation controllers. Call on us to either fix your old Xbox or PlayStation controllers, or Sell to you a brand-new controller.


In this modern era, drones are very essential. Cameras mounted on drones can be used to film and record the extent of damage in a disaster situation, there by aiding immediate and future planning.

Not only on disaster situation but in any program or event organized by companies, drones can be used to capture all the moments, giving a clearer view on how beautiful or bad the program went.

Therefore drones are very good, and it’s a must have for all companies especially security organizations. Senot Technology can deliver any drone or camera provided it has been manufactured, call on Senot Technology, you would get value for money

Mobile Phones & Accessories

Senot Technology sells and supplies any type of phone and its accessories. Some of the accessories includes: official iPhone cases, airpods, earpods, earphones, phone chargers and batteries, etc.